The first post is here!

Hello everyone! (Why am I always saying this when there is still no one on here…?)

I am very happy to say that today I’m starting this website! . . . Which doesn’t mean that I will be very active on here by the way. I will just come from time to time when I will find something to say and most importantly some free time to say it!

Right now I will have a lot of work to do because I want to replace all the images of this site by my own drawings to make it more personal, and this could take a while because I am a really lazy drawing snail. Or turtle, some call me turtle.

Anyway, I hope that soon enough I will be able to introduce you to my Imagination Land! I plan to make some separate pages for my stories and comics, maybe one with some information about my characters, what do you think?

But in the meantime you should “look away, loook awaay” (sorry, couldn’t stop myself :D), because there will be nothing interesting for a while. Although I might write a book review sometime soon…

I wish you a good reading!


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